MROTools devices is the leading tool management software designed to simplify and streamline tool handling, control, and management processes in aircraft maintenance.




In aviation maintenance, a small increase in productivity will have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Smarter MRO

The three tangible key benefits of are:

• Entire audit trail and compliance overview

• Integration capability with all major M&E systems

• Up to €2 000 000 in annual savings*

*Savings calculated with actual customer data. Reference is a European airline with 63 aircraft.

Developed with Finnair for aviation MRO was initially developed in close collaboration with Finnair to fulfil their requirements for centralised tool management and optimised usability.

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Features solution runs on any device with a modern web browser and has been designed and developed in close collaboration with the end-users of the solution using agile development methodologies. The result is an easy to use, yet powerful application with tailored features for different users.


Used by personnel in the general tool store when collecting tools and booking them for mechanics.

Store is designed with our customers for optimised usability. Tool handouts and returns are operated with a wireless barcode scanner and voice feedback functionalities. This enables tool store employees to complete the whole booking process quickly and removes the risk for manual errors.

Fast tool booking saves time for both tool store employees and maintenance personnel while preventing queues from building up.


Used at the maintenance site by mechanics for pre-order, handover, and defect reporting.

Pre-order - Hangar allows the mechanic to send an order with a list of tools to the general tool store. When the mechanic arrives, the tools are ready for pick-up. While searching for tools, the mechanic can see the availability, status, and location of all tools in the system.

Handover - Mechanics can directly and controllably hand over their tools to a colleague when the shift ends, removing the need for returning and re-booking the tools.

Defect reporting with a picture is easily handled with the same application.


The Kiosk module enables self-service tool stores for mechanics closer to the maintenance site.

Typically, this is an access-controlled tool area located in the hangar storing frequently needed tools, such as tools for A-checks. At large maintenance facilities, Kiosk not only lessens the workload for tool store personnel but greatly reduces the time spent by mechanics walking to and from a centralised tool store.

A badge reader is used for identifying the mechanic, and barcode readers can be used for easy booking of the tools on a computer or tablet.


Holistic reporting of defects and management of repairs. Defects feature is used by mechanics, tool store personnel, and tool managers.

The Defects feature allows for instant defect reporting by mechanics and tool store personnel when identifying any fault in tools, materials, vehicles, or other maintenance resources. When using a mobile device, a picture can easily be added to the report.

The easy-to-use functionality ensures that line employees file a report as soon as they find a defect, improving the reporting process.

Incoming defect reports are managed in a list view, where repair tasks can be assigned, and the repair process can be controlled.


A management dashboard showing the current situation and historical development of tool lending.

The Analytics feature utilises the data generated by and integrated systems to provide actionable insights for management. The generated data includes tool transaction volumes and peaks, tool utilisation rates, upcoming tool calibrations, and more. excellent usability for line employees ensures consistent and correct reporting on all transactions, in turn leading to better data quality that facilitates precise decision-making.


MRO/ERP system connectors - Although is fully operable as a standalone solution, it enables integration to other IT systems in use, eliminating the need for double data entry.

Automated tool stores integration - enables the use of automated tool stores, which can provide flexible and fast access to tools required 24/7.

Single Sign-On with any major 3rd party authentication service e.g. Google, Azure Active Directory. also supports secure user credential based login.

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